Chaplaincy Team

Eddie’s Angels

Hello, we are the Eddie’s Angels, a Year 6 Chaplaincy team that helps our school to encounter the GOD who speaks. We guide our school in their call to be Missionary Disciples and spread the good news of God. We are split into four groups: Chapel, Collective Worship, RE and Catholic Life Chaplains.

Chapel Chaplains

We are a group that helps our lovely younger ones with understanding more about the Word of God (The Bible). We do this in the Chapel during lunch times and we teach them by talking to the younger ones and doing activities based on Bible stories. We also give them a mission after every Chapel session. We have a Mission Statement at our school; ‘True Mind, True Heart, True Spirit’, which our Chapel sessions are linked to.

Collective Worship Chaplains

As Collective Worship Chaplains we help our teachers in assemblies and with Collective Worship, where we gather together by listening and responding to God’s Word. We also plan the assembly and lead Collective Worship sessions; sometimes we think of ourselves as Ant and Dec but a bit more mature and that is really saying something!

Catholic Life Chaplains

We help our school show off our Catholicity. We look around the school to engage children with the God who Speaks. Our job is to improve the RE boards and children’s knowledge of our Catholic Faith. One of the things we look at is our Biblical timeline- a timeline of the Bible stories we have looked at recently such as Daniel & the Lions. We do surveys to look at some of the children’s thoughts about our school and what is important to them in a Catholic school.

RE Chaplains

We have the job to look in RE books to see how each class presents their RE work. We help Mr S Ward improve how each RE lesson is constructed, such as making the lessons interactive. We share our views with the teachers and ask the children what they think about their RE lessons.