Attendance and Punctuality

Regular attendance is essential if a pupil is to have a successful education. Poor attendance can create a barrier to a pupil’s general personal development.

St Edward’s Catholic Academy believes that attendance can be improved if:

  • Registers are kept accurately and according to the agreed regulations using Arbor:
  • There is an effective monitoring of attendance
  • All stakeholders work together – pupils, parents/carers, teachers, internal admin, external agencies and Governors.
  • There is a clear whole academy policy which deals with the causes of non-attendance with appropriate follow-up action and support.
  • Rewards and benefits for good attendance are clearly displayed and promoted throughout the academy and wider community.

Ultimately, attendance levels will depend upon the quality of the school’s curriculum, ethos and relationships inside the academy.

Parent/carers are responsible by law for ensuring the regular and punctual attendance of their children. Parent/carers should familiarise themselves with the attendance policy and should work closely with the academy staff and other relevant agencies to overcome any problems which may affect a child’s overall attendance. The policy is available below.

The academy encourages and values high attendance rates. The academy recognises the external factors which influence pupil attendance and will work in partnership with parent/carers and other relevant services to deal with any issues. The academy takes a proactive approach to the promotion of good attendance by defining expectations with pupils and their parents/carer and provide an effective and efficient system for monitoring attendance in accordance with legal requirements.

If you have any concerns about medical needs or any issues surrounding attendance please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Attendance and Punctuality Policy