School Behaviour System (Class Dojo)

All classes in our Academy use Class Dojo as our reward and sanction system.

Class Dojo allows teachers to award points to pupils for set behaviours or tasks that are important at our school, both positive and negative.

Each day, children will receive 1 Dojo point for attending (on time) and 1 point for wearing the correct school uniform. Throughout the day, staff will award Dojos for excellent work, behaviour and any other positive behaviours that are seen around school.

The pupils at St Edward’s work towards the following awards:

Bronze: 100 points

Silver: 200 points

Gold: 400 points

Diamond: 600 points

Platinum: 800 points

Head Teacher: 1000

You can log on to Dojo at any time to see how your child is doing, please see your child’s class teacher if you need the login details.